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APM Terminals Pipavav is being working for sustainable future

APM Terminals Pipavav is committed to the protection of Environment and continuously making efforts to promote environmentally sound management of the Port operation and encouraging optimal use of natural resources.

1. Coastal Protection:
- Mangroves plantation : 60 Acer in Port premises, 500 Ha in Surat & Bharuch.100 Ha in progress for 2015-2018.
- Quarterly monitoring of Coastal water.
- Clean practice adopted in operation of bulk handling, as so to reduce spillages and protecting marine line from foreign materials.
- Improvements through technological up gradation; supported by effective management processes and employee involvement.

2. Energy efficiency:
- Start of green procurement to reduce green house gas. Encouraging green procurement.
- Reducing energy losses, energy usage reduction drives, which have been resulted into energy savings of 20 % in routine use.
- Replacement and modernization of equipments/parts to energy efficient equipments: Recently, we have replaced # 2782 of conventional fixtures of Street lights & High mast with LED fixtures. This has resulted into energy saving of 47 % in Street light and 60 % in High mast.
- Periodic WALKABOUT for energy conservation.
- Consideration of energy conservation in new design/new projects.

3. Water reduction:
- Measuring & monitoring drive for water usage reduction.
- 100 % utilization of treated domestic waste water for development of Green Belt. Thus having ZERO discharge and reducing fresh water demand for development of green belt.
- Rain water harvesting is in place.

4. Waste minimisation:
- Dedicated & specifically designed WASTE MANGEMNT CELL for storage of all types of wastes.
- Segregation of all types of wastes, environmentally sound management of solid & hazardous wastes.
- ‘Quantification of wastes ‘& ‘segregation at source’ drive is on, which has resulted into 20% of reduction in quantity of wastes that goes for final disposal.
- Resource recovery, maximum recovery of solid & hazardous wastes, thus reducing wastes that goes to landfill site, reducing burden to environment.
- Adopted practice of REUSE, REDUCE, RECOVER & RECYCLE of wastes.
- Awareness programmes for source segregation and handling procedures for Port residents & Port employees.

5. Ambient Air:
- Scientifically designed WATER CURTAIN to Coal Yard, to protect ambient air.
- All other yards provided with wind screens and trees cover to protect ambience from wind blown dust.
- Periodic monitoring of ambient air.

6. Green Belt development:
- 12 % of port area covered under Green Belt,

7. Training & awareness :
An environmental sustainability awareness and communications strategy is currently being developed for the Port.
- Introductory session on environment conducted for all Port employees.
- Specific training on environment for particular workgroup is under progress.
- Awareness programme on Source segregation, waste minimization, waste handling procedures, water consumption reduction are conducted for Port residents.
- Initiated mass mailing to spread quick awareness among all Port employees on worldwide event of Environment.

Sustainability and setting up of Environment management system are other tools currently being implemented to improve environmental performance of the Port.