Safety is a part of our values. It is an integral part of all our operations at APM Terminals Pipavav, which has recorded incident-free operations with zero fatalities and zero LTI frequency rate for the past 1000 [as of 13th may2017] days.

We set a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure safety performance, both in terms of personal safety – the safety of our employees and any other people who could be affected by our activities – and in terms of the safe design, operation and maintenance of our facilities. The port has embarked on APM Terminals’ designated Fatal 5 initiatives to ensure maximum safety with concerted efforts in: Transportation, Suspended loads and Lifting, Working at Heights, Stored Energy and Control of Contractors.

We are committed to maintaining a safe, healthy workplace for our employees and contractors, and delivering safe projects that benefit everyone. The port incorporates the best global safety practices into our daily operations to create a safe place to work.
We do not and will never compromise on the safety at work.

Keld Pedersen Final from APMT Pipavav on Vimeo.