Port Pipavav is backed and operated by APM Terminals, one of the most respected and professionally-run container terminal operators in the world. This partnership is based on synergy and trust, and creates an array of unique advantages for the port.

Its special relationship with APM Terminals positions Port Pipavav squarely for future growth and success. Chief among the strengths that APM Terminals offers is its terminal management and operational expertise.

In addition to its deep operational expertise, APM Terminals provides Port Pipavav with working capital and other finance support that fuels future development As important as the operational and financial strengths that APM Terminals brings to Port Pipavav are the core values that provide a framework for the company’s activities. These values – Constant Care, Humbleness, Uprightness, Our Employees and Our Name – are evident in every aspect of the partnership between Port Pipavav and APM Terminals, and have been wholeheartedly embraced and put into practice. The result is a work environment at Port Pipavav that encourages innovation, and is rooted in respect and hard work.